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Reusable to the Rescue

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Why the Cool New Coolers?

Here at the Mama Earth Intergalactic Headquarters, we're always looking for better, Earth-friendly solutions on the road to creating a more circular economy.

That's why we're launching these new (& reusable!) snazzy purple bins for your frozen goods! Made right here in Canada, these bins will be reused again and again, bringing us all one step closer to eliminating single-use packaging. With over 150 local and organic frozen items ranging from prepared meals from Mama's Kitchen, meat & seafood, treats and other essentials, it's never been easier to make the world a better place.

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Putting the Circle in Circular Economy

Here's how the bins will help:

Reusable frozen bins are helping us go above and beyond the traditional take, make and waste model and into more Earth friendly territory that helps rebuild the Earth’s resources!

We’ll be able to reuse it many times and in doing so, will save more than 450 trees and more than 234,000 feet of plastic packing tape every year!

These new bins are made from expanded polypropylene that’s 100% food safe and very easily recycled at the end of the line

Food for the Future

Not just a crazy fresh basket! Each delivery supports a local and sustainable ecosystem that prioritizes biodiversity and regenerative agriculture while reducing your carbon footprint. We’re making it easier to nourish the planet while you nourish yourself and your family, because good food is so much more than great taste.

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